WANTED: Wonderful Authors For Causing A Spiritual Revolution

How To Get Your Book Published, Get Paid Up To 40% Of All Earnings, And Gain The Respect Of Respected Mystics… Even If You’ve Never Written Before

Hey, Robert Bruce here.

I can remember when I decided to be a writer. I was terrified my manuscripts would be rejected and worried that no publishers would ever want them.

Despite my fears, I knew in my heart of hearts that my books were powerfully innovative, and could help any mystic experience spiritual ascent, if they just gave it a chance.

I summoned my courage, and over the next decade, I went on to successfully publish 8 best-selling books in the spiritual field. Because of this, hundreds of aspiring writers started sending me their manuscripts, asking for my help. Regrettably, I had to turn many down, because I had no direct way to support them. But all that has changed, because…

I’m happy now to introduce you to my Astral Dynamics publishing initiative.

In my mad drive to cause a massive spiritual revolution, and create the world’s best spiritual education, I’m opening up the opportunity for writers to submit their work to me in hopes of publishing it as a critical component of my spiritual curriculum and catalog.

Answer these questions to find out if you qualify…

  • Are you a published author and tired of your previous publisher? Maybe they scammed you out of royalties, or paid you too little, or did a terrible job releasing your book? Or maybe you just want to try a new and different publisher?
  • Are you a new writer, and have always wanted to get an occult book published, but never knew how?
  • Have you read the writing of other spiritual authors and felt convinced you could do a better job, like their work was inferior to something you’d write?
  • Do you have an idea or manuscript you believe would make a powerful book?
  • Are you inspired and excited by the idea of contributing to the advancement of the fastest growing spiritual movement in the world?
  • Would you like to make history by creating a literary masterpiece under my guidance?

I am open to both previously published authors, and new writers.

If you believe you have an idea in the works, or a finished manuscript, that I’d like, then keep reading.

The 3 Massive Benefits You Get From Writing With Me

1. I’ll handle the entire financial investment, printing, shipping, and customer service for you.

If I do choose to support your work, I’ll handle the financial investment for the entire creation, everything from manufacturing to the ultimate release.

You literally just write, and I’ll do everything else. It costs you nothing.

2. Join the prestigious family of Astral Dynamics writers.

You’ll get to have your name under the highly respectable Astral Dynamics label, where you’ll be considered part of our “inner family” of artists. You’ll also most likely receive the opportunity to write more books, as well as participate in select spiritual educational projects I conceive later.

I am building a roster of very notable authors, and your name will be one of them.

3. Earn up to 40% of all royalties.

This is something you WON’T find anywhere else. All the other spiritual publishing labels out there underpay their authors, by sharing only a meager 15% of earnings!

I find that insulting, and instead want to give you up to possibly half of everything I take in from YOUR writing. That’s right, you potentially get up to 40% from us.

How To Get Started

When you are totally committed to working with me to create a spiritual literary work of art for release under my Astral Dynamics label, here’s what you do…

Send an inquiry to our editor Timothy at this email address:



Include these details:

  • Personal introduction, background, etc.
  • Main ideas for book, course, physical goods
  • Estimated timeline for completion

Our goal is to innovate the world’s most completely comprehensive curriculum of spiritual education to ever exist.

Will you be an active part of making history? Or will you be sitting on the sidelines?

Tips For Inspiring Me To Support Your Ideas And Approve Your Manuscript

I’m open to all ideas, but there are a few specific criteria I am most interested in receiving.

1. Anything cutting edge, never-before-published, and innovative

In other words, I want brand new information, not just a rehash of old ideas. Have you discovered new techniques, had unusual experiences, or conceived new theories about spirituality?

2. Anything taboo, off-limits, previously restricted, or controversial

Are your ideas challenging to the status quo of spirituality? Do you push the envelope and cause the reader to consider new paradigms, possibilities, or paths?

3. A mix of solid practical instruction, experiential story-telling, and theoretical discourse

I want each book to have each of these 3 facets. I’m not interested in strictly story-telling, or only theory. It must be versatile, grounded in practice, and TRUE.

As I said, I’m open to all ideas, and am not limiting my interest to any particular path or system of spirituality.

One last time, if you’ve got a good idea, want to receive the 3 major benefits from me, and qualify according to my questions, then download our Writing Proposal right here, to learn more:

See you in the Astral,